Lovetap! – Smallpools

It’s recently come to my attention that Smallpools isn’t known to most, so I am here to fix that!

As the title track, this song is from the band’s first full-length album; which also includes all the songs from their self-titled EP.

The band released their debut single “Dreaming” online on May 16, 2013, quickly reaching the #1 position on The Hype Machine, as well as reaching #23 on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart. The single was released as the first single off their debut self-titled EP.

I’ve had a number of the songs from this album on my playlist, if you liked this song, check out what I’m listening to here:

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Good Grief – Bastille

The first single from their sophomore album, “Good Grief” snagged my attention from the very beginning, mainly because I’m a sucker for a good bass line.

Good Grief debuted on June 16th on BBC Radio 1, where the band was interviewed after the premiere.

Dan Smith and Kyle Simmons revealed that their sophomore album  [Wild World] will be released in “late summer.” The album will “go through a variety of sounds, but it is very much us [Bastille].” via BBC Radio 1.

Who else is ready for more Bastille tunes?!

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Talk Too Much – COIN

With a free trial of Sirius Radio, I was fortunate to find this song on Alt-Radio. I am excited to share this song with you before it becomes the summer anthem. The first time I heard the song, I was dancing in my car, learning the words and wanting more. Thankfully, COIN has another album, so hello more music!

I know I have heard of the band before this single but I’m 100% sure I didn’t hear any music because I would have been hooked on the spot.

This song has been added to my spotify playlist of songs I jam to at work, listen here!

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Celebrate – Lost In The Wild

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of being introduced to Josh Mellman and his music. Now I want to share what I’ve found with the world.

Lost In The Wild is a one man production and is sprouting his roots from the Midwest. With a lot of soul, some poppy vibes, and a dash of rap, his music is a genre of it’s own.

Give it a listen and tell me what you think!

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Lost Boy – Ruth B

Immediately after hearing this song on the radio, I pulled out Shazam to figure out what song it was and who it was. While I may be biased to loving the story of Peter Pan, Ruth B’s voice is something to admire.

I’m sure I will remember the first time hearing this song, not only was it a memorable occasion, but because the song captured exactly how I felt in that moment. The song personally gives me chills and takes me back to the moment that I had no cares in the world, when I was in Neverland.

More from Ruth B:

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Cinderella – The Knocks feat. Magic Man

With a beat to get your head bopping and your hips shaking, this song is the newest addition to my playlist on spotify.


I had never heard of The Knocks previous to this song and I am so glad to have the introduction to the Dj duo. The song also gives Magic Man fans a little taste of what we may get during the Hotline Spring Tour and their upcoming album.

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Victorious – Panic! At The Disco

I’ve really been loving songs that I can crank the knob to the right it my car and scream the lyrics; this is one of those songs! But this song has so much more to it. The overall message, celebrate the little victories.

As seen in the music video, these little victories include but are not limited to: not calling your ex, beating the crosswalk countdown, and losing the game but getting the girl. While I wouldn’t recommend popping bottles for every victory, you do you Brendon.

Here’s to a more upbeat start to 2016, we will be victorious!

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Like A Lion – Bryan Lanning

I came across the Lanning family through their daily vlogs on Youtube, Daily Bumps. With two adorable kids, Missy and Bryan film their daily life and share it with the world. This past year, Bryan Lanning has leaped into the music industry and is making a big splash. Every song I’ve heard thus far has been amazing, with the uplifting messages, dance-worthy music, and the personal lyrics.

This song is so motivational in any situation, it reassures people that it is okay to be scared. Other motivational songs that I have come across don’t seem to be as powerful to me, due to the relatability that Like A Lion holds. Whatever the journey it is that scares you, should be faced like a lion.

Like A Lion is the debut single off of his “Like A Lion – EP”, the release is set for his birthday, January 20th. If you preorder on iTunes now, the EP is only $3.99 and you get this song instantly!

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Unsteady – X Ambassadors

With the band’s first full-length album having been released over the summer, the song Renegades has been played on numerous radio stations and commercials and heard by millions. But the album was a long time in the making,

“Musically, it’s our entire life’s work up until now,” Sam Harris says of the album. “Sounds like an exaggeration, but it’s true. Three out of four of us have been playing music together since we were 12, and we’ve known each other our whole lives.” *

A lack of gigs, family difficulties, and health issues; X Ambassadors could have easily given up without a second thought but in returning home, they found all they were looking for.

Unsteady is the track that stands out the most to me, it is so heart-wrenching and emotional but somehow catchy at the same time. I personally relate to this song and it’s meaning strongly, especially with the lyric ‘this house don’t feel like home’.

Let us know what you think of the song in the comments! 

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Not Your Way – MisterWives

The 23-year-old lead singer is full of energy — she even dropped to the stage to do push-ups while introducing the spirited anthem “Not Your Way,” telling the crowd, “If you think that society’s expectations for women and men are total, utter bullsh*t . . . this song is for you.”

This is one of those songs I wish I could have listened to in my preteen years. So, I’m sharing it with those who may need it! Their way is not your way.

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