Rest in Paradise, Christina Grimmie.

Last night’s event has left me speechless and has been on my mind since I found out about the shooting.

I think I am able to do justice to the situation, Christina, and get my thoughts out. If you are not caught up on what happened, here is a quick video.

It’s baffling to me how much hate and violence in this world and how it could be directed at someone with such love and compassion in her heart.

The murder of Christina Grimmie will have a huge effect on musicians, youtubers, and fans of both. The lurking fear of a person full of hate taking action will change the behavior between fans and celebrities. People often take for granted the fact that musicians do not have to meet fans after shows.

I know for a fact that last night will change things forever, like security at venues and interactions between artists and their fans, sadly. But with this event, there is more action taken with both mental illness and gun control.

My thoughts and prayers are with Christina’s family, friends, and fans. May she be somewhere more peaceful than here.