TBT: 2000’s Alternative Playlist

This is a playlist, my sister and I threw together, that is based on the music videos that Fuse TV used to play on a regular basis. These are the songs that got me to love music and I have a lot of memories attached to the songs. I’d have to say, I had a pretty good taste in music for an eleven year old.


TBT: About A Girl – The Academy Is…

In honor of the upcoming reunion tour of The Academy Is… About A Girl is my Throwback Thursday tune. Although there is no chance of me going, I am excited to watch the videos, as I loved them all those years back and continued to follow William Beckett as he launched his solo career.

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TBT: The Middle – Jimmy Eat World

“In an interview NME, Jim Adkins remembered reading an email from a young fan who wrote she didn’t fit in with the punk crowd at school because she ‘wasn’t punk enough for them.’ He explained: ‘The tenet of the punk ideal – or, you know, the alternative, outside-the-mainstream, kind of ideal – is that you think yourself being more accepting … I guess that tune was kind of a reaction to that, like you don’t want to be friends with them anyway.'”¬†*

The Middle will always stand out in my mind as a great song with a excellent message. While I did know this song in the days of preteen confusion, I really wish I took the message away from it.

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