Victorious – Panic! At The Disco

I’ve really been loving songs that I can crank the knob to the right it my car and scream the lyrics; this is one of those songs! But this song has so much more to it. The overall message, celebrate the little victories.

As seen in the music video, these little victories include but are not limited to: not calling your ex, beating the crosswalk countdown, and losing the game but getting the girl. While I wouldn’t recommend popping bottles for every victory, you do you Brendon.

Here’s to a more upbeat start to 2016, we will be victorious!

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Like A Lion – Bryan Lanning

I came across the Lanning family through their daily vlogs on Youtube, Daily Bumps. With two adorable kids, Missy and Bryan film their daily life and share it with the world. This past year, Bryan Lanning has leaped into the music industry and is making a big splash. Every song I’ve heard thus far has been amazing, with the uplifting messages, dance-worthy music, and the personal lyrics.

This song is so motivational in any situation, it reassures people that it is okay to be scared. Other motivational songs that I have come across don’t seem to be as powerful to me, due to the relatability that Like A Lion holds. Whatever the journey it is that scares you, should be faced like a lion.

Like A Lion is the debut single off of his “Like A Lion – EP”, the release is set for his birthday, January 20th. If you preorder on iTunes now, the EP is only $3.99 and you get this song instantly!

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Pre-Holiday Workout Playlist

A playlist that will both pump you up and help find music you like, the perfect combo! This playlist is great because it is filled with a number of awesome bands that are already known, like The Killers and Weezer, and introduces equally great smaller bands. It’s okay that you don’t know the lyrics yet, you’ll be out of breath anyway!

Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia) – Patrick Stump

During Fall Out Boy’s three year hiatus, Patrick Stump, the lead singer, took on a solo project. And when I say solo, I mean solo. He wrote all the lyrics, played all the instruments, funded the album, and produced it all on his own. The album Soul Punk didn’t receive much public recognition, but was a major hit with all the critics.

That message gibes with the hook of the song (basically that you can “be your own spotlight,” no matter how inconsequential your talents) and, when coupled with the youthful exuberance of the video’s stars, the end result is a truly captivating, unapologetically positive experience. *

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I Can Lift a Car – Walk The Moon

If you’ve ever seen Walk the Moon live, you know the awkward lifting motion during the chorus of this song. With the compression of the bullshit and bad energy in your life and throwing them into the air. With a new willingness to be dorks and a feeling of relief, the crowd is ready to dance the night away.

You lift that car that is this week!


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