Concert Review – Vance Joy

On Wednesday, Vance Joy kicked off the U.S. leg of the Fire and the Flood Tour in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was lucky enough to win both tickets and meet and greet to the show.


The setlist seemed a lot different from shows I usually attend, mainly starting out with a song everyone will know, then ending with their biggest hit. This concert was different, most sat in their seats, as there was no general admission or pit, until the end of the show. This experience had fans singing along to the lesser known songs and everyone singing and dancing by the end of the show.

The commentary between songs gave them a lot more meaning. I recently found that Spotify has Vance Joy’s comments on each song on the album Dream Your Life Away.

12552937_467580190095796_9359373230419210_n As for the meet and greet, this was another experience that I had been through quite a few times, but Vance Joy and his team made it feel different. The ambiance in the room was quite calming, dimmer lights, fragrant candles, and some light music playing. This took away a lot of the jitters that were felt by the group in the hallway. I just want to point out in the picture, Vance is extremely tall and I am not short.


Overall, I left the concert a bigger fan of Vance Joy than I was before; And I was already at the point of singing the songs at the top of my lungs. Special thanks to Go963MN for supplying me with the concert tickets and meet and greet!



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