Artist to Watch – Dallon Weekes

With the release of Death of A Bachelor came the news that Dallon Weekes is no longer an official member of the band. This news hit fans hard, myself included, even though there have been signs of this coming. The seemingly inevitable fate of Panic! At The Disco has now approached, but maybe some great things can come out of it.

Exhibit A- Dallon Weekes

Screenshot 2016-01-16 at 8.37.29 PM
Solo Dallon Weekes music confirmed!
Former touring bassist, then official member and now back to touring bassist, Dallon Weekes is now available to create his own content without the Panic! name tied to it. From everything he has created thus far, I have high hopes for any music with Dallon’s name attached.

I found out about Dallon Weekes during Panic!’s Too Weird era, due to the ear catching bass lines throughout the album. Dallon also wrote All The Boys, a bonus track on Panic! At The Disco’s album Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die, which was a fan favorite. With more digging, I came across his previous band The Brobecks and original songs like Sickly Sweet Holidays.

Be on the look out for tunes from Dallon Weekes and we’ll be listening to The Brobecks while we wait.

Twitter | The Brobecks (Bandcamp) | Dallon Weekes (Bandcamp)


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