Like A Lion – Bryan Lanning

I came across the Lanning family through their daily vlogs on Youtube, Daily Bumps. With two adorable kids, Missy and Bryan film their daily life and share it with the world. This past year, Bryan Lanning has leaped into the music industry and is making a big splash. Every song I’ve heard thus far has been amazing, with the uplifting messages, dance-worthy music, and the personal lyrics.

This song is so motivational in any situation, it reassures people that it is okay to be scared. Other motivational songs that I have come across don’t seem to be as powerful to me, due to the relatability that Like A Lion holds. Whatever the journey it is that scares you, should be faced like a lion.

Like A Lion is the debut single off of his “Like A Lion – EP”, the release is set for his birthday, January 20th. If you preorder on iTunes now, the EP is only $3.99 and you get this song instantly!

iTunes | Twitter


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