Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia) – Patrick Stump

During Fall Out Boy’s three year hiatus, Patrick Stump, the lead singer, took on a solo project. And when I say solo, I mean solo. He wrote all the lyrics, played all the instruments, funded the album, and produced it all on his own. The album Soul Punk didn’t receive much public recognition, but was a major hit with all the critics.

That message gibes with the hook of the song (basically that you can “be your own spotlight,” no matter how inconsequential your talents) and, when coupled with the youthful exuberance of the video’s stars, the end result is a truly captivating, unapologetically positive experience. *

Watch, Listen, and Connect:

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One thought on “Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia) – Patrick Stump

  1. ProfHerold October 21, 2015 / 3:47 pm

    Jackie – you are the definition of “above and beyond.” This blog is killer awesome. Fantastic job, kiddo. Just out of the park! So much so that it’s all points, +10 x-credit for the additional posts/work that you’ve been doing. Thank you – this is just fabulous work. Keep it up. Zowwie. – ProfH


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