It’s A Longer Road To California Than I Thought – The Wind + The Wave

Last year, The Wind + The Wave released their debut album From The Wreckage with RCA Records. The album glows with a rootsy golden tone that encompasses everything from indie-folk, to alternative, to blues-rock to Southern psychedelia. The raucous first single “With Your Two Hands” sounds like it could have been written during an impromptu back-porch jam session. Baker and Lynn have just released their second single, “It’s a Longer Road To California Than I Thought”. *

The Wind + The Wave nabs a majority of their following through live shows, that’s how they got me! Back in February, I had the opportunity to sling merch for them and the amount of clothing and CDs they sold after their set blew me away, especially as an opening band. If there is a show coming near you, definitely check them out!

The Wind + The Wave’s tour, Raising Hell starts in just 5 days!

Listen and Connect:

iTunes | Video | iTunes | Twitter


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